#8 Brian Armstrong

Name: Brian Armstrong

Position: Сo-founder & CEO of Coinbase

Twitter: https://twitter.com/brian_armstrong

Age: 35

Citizenship: US



Coinbase, Co-founder & CEO


Famous for: 

With his double major in Computer Sciences and Economics, Armstrong had spent the most part of his life actively pursuing a career in the tech industry. Being well equipped for a foray into the tech startup arena, Armstrong co-founded crypto wallet and exchange Coinbase in July 2011. Coinbase was envisioned as a Bitcoin marketplace that would enable people to purchase the cryptocurrency more easily. Throughout his life, Armstrong has maintained a strong interest in the technology market and has always participated actively in developing solutions for the industry, becoming the leading advocate of Bitcoin adoption, as well as regularly speaking at conferences, workshops, and seminars. He was named “The Rockstar” in the Bitcoin community.



  1. Was filmed in the documentary movie "The rise and rise of bitcoin" (2014).
  2. Supported two fork attempts of the Bitcoin network: Bitcoin Classic and Bitcoin XT.
  3. BSc in Computer Sciences, BA in Economics, and MSc in Computer Sciences, from Rice University, USA.
  4. Crypto Net Worth: $ 900 million - $1 billion.
  5. Before founding Coinbase in June 2012, Armstrong worked as a software engineer at AirBNB from 2011-2012.
  6. Is the author of a book "Breaking Free: How To Work At Home With The Perfect Small Business Opportunity" (2007).



  • I do think some digital currency will end up being the reserve currency of the world. I see a path where that's going to happen.