Consensus issue of Ethereum hardfork Constantinopole

1 Year ago / News / Ecosystem


According to the website of С today, on October 15, 2018, carrying out the next stage of the hardfork of Ethereum called Constantinopole by testing it on the Ropsten platform led to a consensus problem within the developers of the project. refers in his reasoning to a series of tweets from one of the project developers Afri Schoedon. In a thread of tweets it was said that the test was “not usable”, also that “no constantinople in 2018” and the key thought “we must investigate this”.

As an explanation of these remarks, Mr. Afri Schoedon said in his tweet that it was not possible to activate Constantinople this year, since we must first deal with the Ropsten network itself. He also said that the next significant announcement of the situation on the consensus of the hard fork of Etherena Constantionpol should be expected on October 19 of this year, and he asks the community not to divert attention from these events until that day.

Earlier, another Ethereum developer Piper Merriam announced the need for the Ethereum hard fork because of the high centralizion of ASIC miners and the need to declare their actions invalid.