CryptoKrunch interviewed CEO of Sparkster ICO.

1 Year ago / News / Interview announcement

Our new interview is about very nice Project - Sparkster. We rated the Project as 97/100. And it is added to our portfolio. In addition to that, we liked the team (and their attitude towards what they do) so much, that we highly recommend to read a little bit about the project on their website and try the mainet when it is ready.

Being quite impressed with the idea of building Decentralized Software without knowledge of programming or blockchain architecture, we decided to make an interview with Sajjad Daya, to get to know him and the Project better.



·       We began Sparkster in 2012 with the problem of how do we put the power of application development in the hands of ordinary people. Our mission is to democratize access to technology.


·       Sparkster is a leading company in 2025 (like Microsoft or Google), it's a company that's well known all over the world. 


·      The secret of Sparkster’s success is hard work and a great team, and a bold vision combined a bold vision with people that are committed to making that vision a reality and work tirelessly every day to make it happen. We grew from 200 people in our telegram group to over 64,000 people.


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