CryptoKrunch interviewed CEO of TWOGAP ICO

1 Year ago / News / Interview announcement

CryptoKrunch interviewed CEO of Twogap ICO.

Our new interview is about admirable Project - Twogap. We rated the Project as 72/100 and the Project has Medium-high Hype Score and High Maturity Score.
Being quite impressed with the idea of CryptoBonds, we decided to make an interview with Mr. Luong Hoang Anh, to get to know him, his team and the Project better.


  • Twogap’s vision is not about the present, but it’s the development future predicted from the history


  • We are working with significant crypto exchanges and have plans to establish partnership with governmental associations, big groups and companies, and especially major traditional stock exchanges.


  • I don’t own rich properties like a house or a car. 
    But I’m proud to say my teammates are the
    priceless asset that nobody could have.
    To be honest, Twogap is a really interesting Crypto Platform. Don't believe?