Head of the Russian central bank:Blockchain sees sober attitude

1 Year ago / News / Business and Finance


The head of the Russian central bank, Elvira Nabiullina, has long been known to not like to invest rubles in the economy. But she also does not like to invest dollars in it, constantly raising the interest rate on loans, which makes loans very heavy. But the head of the Central Bank never says anything bad about the withdrawal of capital abroad in the form of oil and gas dividends, using Russian mineral resources as, as they say in the people, “money-washing apparatus” of large owners.


Nabiullina doesn't like the wild «bearish» crypto market either. The other day at the Finopolis forum, she was relieved to note that as a result of the many failures of the domestic ICO, more sobriety had descended on investors, and this is the only positive effect from the cryptocurrency processes that she is probably observing.


However, President Putin at the same time argues that the threat of sanctions inspired by the United States around the world will inevitably lead to an increase in crowdfunding through the ICO, and Russia is no exception. And that it would be timely to tighten the regulatory framework for the blockchain economy. So says President Putin, but the process after these statements, unfortunately, is not too accelerated.


The paradox of thinking of the head of the Central Bank is expressed in the fact that, declaratively, she is not against the crypto market, but she also expressed that she is not interested in introducing a special regulatory framework for him, and if, from the point of view of the law, the cryptocurrency would be in the pool of all other currencies.