Institutional investors will help the crypto market to mature

1 Year ago / News / Business and Finance


The chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Mr.Christopher Giancarlo, claims that institutional investors will help the cryptocurrency market to “mature”.

On October 12, the website published the opinion of Mr. Giancarlo, who is confident that pension, investment funds, credit and insurance will strengthen the cryptocurrency market and help him to institutionalize himself.


  • "We've still got a long way to go, there's a lot of issues in some of these spot exchanges, a lack of transparency, a lot of conflict of interest, a lack of systems and systems safeguards, and that's a concern. But you know, like all things, it takes time to mature, and with the movement of more institutional investors into the space, I think we'll see that [maturation]."


The official notes that the cryptocurrency market is not stable due to conflicts of interest, it is not transparent, there is no guarantee system on it, there are no necessary system tools. But over time, Mr. Giancarlo is sure, the influx of institutional investors into the space of the cryptocurrency market will force it to become more mature.

According to his statement, the CFTC agency Mr. Christopher Giancarlo won two federal courts against fraudulent schemes in the cryptocurrency market. In both cases, federal judges considered it expedient to apply the Law on Commodity Exchange among individuals and legal entities with regard to unscrupulous ICO schemes.

Speaking about the bitcoin bubble at the end of 2017, which was formed on the market, making bitcoin unstable, Mr. Giancarlo made the statement that the bubble had burst due to the bitcoin futures that appeared at that time. According to his observations, bitcoin bubble elimination allowed Bitcoin to achieve sustainability.