#4 John McAffee

Name: John McAffee

Position: Creator of McAfee antivirus, crypto visioner

Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialmcafee

Age: 72

Citizenship: Dual (US/England)



MGT Capital


Famous for: 

Founding the first computer anti-virus company and his crazy life path. 

He has gone from being known as a multimillionaire tech legend, and running to become a presidential candidate, to taking heavy drags, living in rural Tennessee and having problems with law. 




  • There is a claim that he had his friend killed after that friend poisoned his rabid dogs
  • He built one of the biggest antivirus companies to date.
  • His first business sold magazines door to door, which he says made him a small fortune.
  • In the 1980s, McAfee worked at Lockheed. In 1986 the first computer virus hit PCs. He read about these new programs that infiltrated computers and decided to start his own company to fight back.



  • Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.