ShapeShift reported a significant reduction in staff

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 10th of January

Main news: 

  • ShapeShift reported on Tuesday, January 8, a significant reduction in staff, citing as the reasons the general deterioration of the market situation

Business and Finance

  • The economist called on Russia to invest its reserves in Bitcoin
  • Miner manufacturer Linzhi opposed the implementation of the ProgPoW proposal
  • Huobi starts in Japan
  • Gemini Bitcoin Exchange criticized for advertising in The New York Times
  • Litecoin founder Charlie Lee: Decentralized cryptocurrencies should be subject to 51% attacks
  • Less than 1% of Bitcoin addresses store BTC worth more than $ 62 billion

 Law and Legislation

  • Thailand issued licenses for 3 exchanges
  • The kidnappers of the wife of one of the richest Norwegians require € 9 million in Monero
  • Venezuela obliged crypto operators to pay taxes in cryptocurrencies


  • Kodak reported successful testing of its own blockchain platform