Sergey Brin confessed that he mines Ethereum

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 10th of July

Main News: 

  • Google Co-founder Sergey Brin confessed that he mines Ethereum


Business and Finance

  • Blockchain startup Oasis Labs attracted $ 45 million
  • The main part of Augur network was launched on the 9th of July 
  • A major mining enterprise will appear in the south of Japan
  • BiоCoin wallet was added to the App Store
  • The largest bank in China is patenting a blockchain solution to accelerate the exchange of assets
  • Binance donates $ 1 million to help victims of floods in Japan


Law and Legislation

  • Poland starts registering the credit history of citizens using blokchain
  • Chinese hackers hacked 1 million computers



  • IOTA blockchain is used to create "smart cities" in Europe