Ethereum returns to second place in CoinMarketCap

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 12th of February

Main news: 

  • Ethereum returns to second place in CoinMarketCap

Business and Finance

  • Another malicious application disguised as MetaMask wallet found on Google Play
  • “Bomb of complexity” reduced Ethereum emission to 13,000 coins per day
  • BitTorrent Airdrop has been launched for six years
  • Fundstrat: 2019 will bring “support to cryptocurrency prices”
  • A large bank in the Philippines will establish a two-way crypto-ATM
  • Lightning Torch Initiative Grows Lightning Network Up to 6000 Nodes
  • CEO Binance believes that a bright future is still ahead

Law and Legislation

  • SEC: functioning network tokens are not securities
  • LocalBitcoins will introduce new user identification rules
  • Venezuela has established a 15% commission for cryptocurrency transfers


  • Intercontinental Exchange plans to spend up to $ 25 million by the end of the year to develop the Bakkt platform