Google, Samsung and Siemens intend to invest in Ledger

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 12th of July

Main News: 

  • Google, Samsung and Siemens intend to invest in Ledger. The company has sold more than one million hardware crypto wallets in 2017


Business and Finance

  • Litecoin Foundation and TokenPay start-up acquire a stake in the German bank
  • Palladium and Bittrex launched the first ICCO in history
  • Users of Cryptopia exchange have encountered difficulties in withdrawing funds
  • Hackathon for blockchain games development with a prize fund of 1 million rubles will be set in Moscow


Law and Legislation

  • EU sets stricter rules for digital currencies



  • in the Opera browser for Android will be a built-in crypto-currency wallet
  • By 2021 there will be more than 100 thousand crypto-cash POS terminals in the world
  • Chinese Hangzhou develops a blockchain system for optimizing waste processing
  • The Huobi Currency Exchange launched trading on the strategically important HBUS service in the US