IMF suggests central banks to issue digital currency

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 15th of November

Main news: 

  • Digital currencies will help make transactions more secure, said the head of the IMF

Business and Finance

  • The application Circle Invest will give Bitcoins to new users
  • Chinese miners disconnected from electricity, Bitcoin hashrate fell by 20%
  • Susquehanna: Ethereum GPU mining profitability goes down to zero
  • SusCEO Ripple Brad Garlinghouse: Ripple is open to partnership with SWIFT
  • EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange has announced a letter of intent with the Canadian corporation GoverMedia Plus Canada
  • The Lightning Network has broken the mark of over 4,000 nodes

Law and Legislation

  • Due to a 51% attack on AurumCoin from the Cryptopia Stock Exchange, more than $ 500,000 were stolen
  • Hacked Twitter account Google G Suite promoted fraudulent distribution of bitcoins


  • Amazon Got Patents for Developing Cryptography and Distributed Storage
  • Xerox received a patent for creating digital evidence using blockchain technology