Binance Uganda opens deposits and withdrawals

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 16th of October

Main news: 

  • Binance Uganda opens deposits and withdrawals

Business and Finance

  • Constantinople update on the Ropsten network did not go as smoothly as expected
  • Barclays has stopped a project to launch a crypto trading platform
  • TRON may soon announce a partnership with IT giant Baidu
  • Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin: I regret using the term “smart contract”
  • MasterCard and Visa attributed cryptocurrencies and ICO to "high-risk securities"
  • Study: Every fifth new hedge fund is cryptocurrency
  • The release date of blockchain-smartphone HTC Exodus has become known
  • Bitfinex resumes Fiat deposits
  • Former Head of Digital Currency Laboratory at NBK to lead China depository

Law and Legislation

  • In Thailand, arrested the organizer of a fraudulent Bitcoin scheme for $ 25 million


  • Parity team presented an alternative to cryptocurrency hardware wallets
  • CFTC Chairman: “institutional investors will help the cryptocurrency market to become mature”