Craig Wright declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 19th of February

Main news

  • NChain senior researcher Craig Wright declared himself Satoshi Nakamoto in a CFTC letter

Business and Finance

  • Rakuten can add cryptocurrency support to the payment application
  • The founder of the Quadriga CX spoke about the method of storing users' private keys in 2014
  • Unknown trader bought Bitcoin at the rate of $ 19,400
  • Mining company Bitmain introduced a new generation ASIC chip
  • Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin responded to concerns about possible vulnerabilities in Ethereum update
  • Beam developers have attracted funding from a Japanese recruiting firm
  • Decentralized exchange Nash, built on the blockchain NEO, will be launched in March
  • Veriblock accounts for 30% of BTC traffic

Law and Legislation

  • Shift Bitcoin Cards for Coinbase Users Deactivate


  • Norwegian libertarian city Lieberstadt launches its own token