Hardfork took place on the Bitcoin Cash network

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 19th of November

Main news: 

  • Hardfork took place on the Bitcoin Cash network

Business and Finance

  • Bitcoin Binance urged Iranian residents to withdraw funds
  • Nvidia still can not recover from a "hangover" after the mining boom
  • Large cryptobirds started charging users with BCH ABC and BCH SV tokens
  • WSJ: Salt platform associated with Eric Vorges has been investigated by the SEC
  • In Crimea, thinking about creating a blockchain platform for anonymous foreign investment
  • Russian main bank President: the industrial introduction of blockchain will begin in a few years

Law and Legislation

  • Since 2019 in Poland will begin to operate a tax on cryptoinvestment
  • Ukrainian tax authorities are suspected of creating financial pyramids and withdrawing money through cryptocurrency


  • Central banks of Canada, Singapore and the UK propose the use of digital currency