Coinnest mistakenly distributed more than $ 5 million

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 23th of January

Main news: 

  • South Korean stock exchange Coinnest "by mistake" distributed to users more than $ 5 million on airdrop

Business and Finance

  • In December 2018, a peak transaction volume was recorded in the Ethereum network
  • Bank of England: cryptocurrencies do not pass basic tests of financial services
  • BIS Research: Bitcoin Must Forgo Proof-of-Work Consensus
  • Swiss bank Falcon launches a cryptocurrency wallet with the possibility of withdrawing funds in Fiat
  • Rakuten Creates New Subsidiary to Manage Crypto Bags
  • Crypto enthusiasts are concerned about the mysterious disappearance of the former Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu

 Law and Legislation

  • Bitcoin miners Antminer attacked a new virus extortionist
  • The organizer of the theft of 600 bitcoin farms in Iceland received 4.5 years in prison


  • Coinbase expanded support services to institutional clients from Asia
  • Ukraine launched courses for blockchain developers