Most Bitcoin nodes are located in the USA and Germany

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 28th of January

Main news: 

  • 43% of all Bitcoin nodes are located in the USA and Germany

Business and Finance

  • Study: XRP Market Capitalization May Be Over $ 6 Billion Overpriced
  • Launch of the tZERO security tokens trading platform
  • Media: Polkadot re-enters ICO in an attempt to raise $ 60 million
  • JP Morgan analysts: the price of Bitcoin could fall to $ 2,400 and below
  • Bitcoin-exchange Huobi became the leader in commission fees in 2018
  • Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson: the price of Bitcoin will return to $ 20 thousand in 10-11 years

 Law and Legislation

  • Chainalysis: in 2018, fraudsters lured $ 36 million from ETH users
  • Telos phishing website stole 800 EOS


  • The number of blockchain companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein over the last year increased by 20%