Nasdaq will launch bitcoin futures in 2019

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 28th of November

Main news: 

  • Media: Nasdaq will launch bitcoin futures in early 2019

Business and Finance 

  • SEC Commissioner confirms the inevitability of accepting Bitcoin-ETF
  • Ethereum creator Vitaly Buterin: a blockchain is needed for cryptocurrency, everything else is a waste of time
  • OKEx Bitcoin Exchange Delists 38 Low-liquid Trading Pairs
  • Bislamsky Al Hilal Bank made a deal with blockchain bonds worth $ 500 million
  • Bitcoin SV is growing against the background of the appearance of the roadmap of the project
  • Tether introduces re-verification and Fiat conclusions
  • In Sweden, the expected influx of mining companies from Norway

Law and Legislation

  • Copay Bitcoin Wallet is at risk due to the vulnerability of Node.js


  • Amazon Web Services now has the ability to launch private versions of the blockchain ICON


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