Waves: smart contracts are live on the main network

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 28th of September

Main news: 

  • Platform Waves announced the activation of smart contracts in the main project network


Business and Finance

  • Bitcoin Cash grows on the news of the listing on Gemini and the IPO of Bitmain
  • Baidu has published the White Paper of its blockchain Super Chain
  • In Switzerland, a startup raised $ 103 million to launch a regulated investment cryptobank
  • Using the Ethereum blockchain, Austria will issue $ 1.35 billion in government bonds
  • Google and Goldman Sachs are investing in the startup Veem using Bitcoin
  • In the wallet of BTC.com is implemented controversial bitcoin protocol BIP70
  • Porsche will increase investments in block-start-ups by $ 176 million
  • VanEck and SolidX remain calm, despite the postponement of the SEC decision on bitcoin-ETF

Law and Legislation


  • Republic Protocol launched the first decentralized global darkspoon RenEx
  • FedEx Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium
  • Developers of TronWallet have increased the security of their wallet with face scanners and fingerprints




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