Coinbase capitalization exceeded $ 8 billion

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 31th of October

Main news: 

  • Coinbase capitalization exceeded $ 8 billion after a successful round of financing

Business and Finance

  • Bittrex Launches Bittrex International Cryptographic Area
  • Study: in 20 years, due to mining, the temperature on Earth may increase by 2 ° C
  • The release of a new mobile application from Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex
  • Venture investor Tim Draper reiterated his prediction that bitcoin will cost $ 250,000 in 4 years
  • American politician Ron Paul supports cryptocurrencies and we consider it necessary to abolish taxes on them
  • Binance froze Wex Exchange accounts on its platform
  • Founder of Xapo: Bitcoin is an intellectual experiment, and it can fail
  • EToro platform begins operations with BNB tokens
  • Over the month, Amazon lost more than the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Law and Legislation

  • UK regulator may prohibit the sale of cryptocurrency derivatives to retail investors
  • Reddit: Bitmain-controlled mining pools reject all SegWit transactions


  • Multy cryptocurrency wallet adds multi-signature and family access