Mining farms in China are destroyed by Flood

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 3rd of July

Main News:

  • South Korea is preparing to lift the ban on ICO


Business and Finance

  • A Young and unknown Asian crypto-exchange caused the growth of gas prices in the Ethereum network
  • Bitcoin wallet Trezor has warned users about a phishing attack
  • Flooding in China destroyed mining farms
  • SEC recorded an increase in the number of applications for ICOs
  • 2.3 Million cryptocurrency addresses are under threat of attack of Clipboard


Law and Legislation 

  • Thailand has set an example for the regulation of cryptocurrencies
  • In Spain LSD sellers were arrested who had earned $5 million in bitcoins
  • The European Parliament claims that cryptocurrencies do not threaten national currencies
  • Indian government will use blockchain to subsidize farmers
  • The Philippine Authorities intend to issue licenses to 25 crypto-exchanges registered in the special economic zone
  • Israel is considering cryptocurrency regulation
  • The Ruling party of Spain supports the introduction of blockchain into the state government
  • In Russia, alcohol accounting will be transferred to the blockchain



  • Bitcoin exchange BTCC has launched an updated platform