Maduro Orders Price of El Petro to More Than double

1 Year ago / News / Daily crypto digest

Main cryptocurrency news on the 4th of December

Main news: 

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raises the price of El Petro 2.5 times

Business and Finance 

  • Squire Mining Acquires CoinGeek Pool Operator for $ 45 Million
  • Vulnerability in the NEO client allows you to remotely display user tokens
  • Coinbase provides customers with the ability to withdraw funds through PayPal without commissions
  • The number of subscribers of subreddit r / Bitcoin exceeded 1 million
  • OKEx Bitcoin Exchange will launch perpetual swap

Law and Legislation

  • G20 will continue to regulate cryptocurrency in accordance with FATF standards
  • Media: Japan's financial regulator will expand ICO requirements in January 2019
  • Singapore updated rules for ICO members


  • Fintech giant Calastone will fully transfer calculations to the blockchain