Venture capital investment in blockchain increased by 280%

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 4th of October

Main news: 

  • Venture capital investment in blockchain increased by 280%


Business and Finance

  • Bitmain has acquired a startup developing a Bitcoin Cash wallet
  • Coinbase plans to attract $ 500 million investment and increase the value of the company to $ 8 billion
  • Binance invested $ 2.5 million in Australian cryptostart TravebyVit
  • Bank of America: blockchain will create multibillion-dollar opportunities for Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle
  • A double-spending bug in the Bitcoin network was used in the Pigeoncoin blockchain
  • TD Ameritrade and ErisX will launch deliverable futures for BTC, BCH, LTC and ETX
  • IOTA owners will be able to make payments only via e-mail
  • Former top manager of the financial holding of the Hong Kong stock exchange appointed to the position of operating director of the BitMEX exchange
  • Financial Times about Coinbase: a “bank” that wants to create an open financial system?

Law and Legislation


  • AirWallet wallet integrates with Dobitrade
  • Israeli securities market regulator began using blockchain technology