Ethereum Classic Dev Team Quits Due to The Lack of Funds

1 Year ago / News / Daily crypto digest

Main cryptocurrency news on the 5th of December

Main news: 

  • Leading development team Ethereum Classic disbanded due to lack of funding

Business and Finance 

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty index dropped to record lows
  • Study: Ethereum whales stocks increased by 80%
  • US authorities plan to develop solutions to track anonymous cryptocurrencies
  • The volume of world trading in Bitcoin increased by 61%
  • Trezor Wallet adds native support for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and ERC-20 tokens

Law and Legislation

  • G Crypto trader from South Africa kidnapped, tortured and taken away all savings.
  • 51% attack on Vertcoin cryptocurrency ended with the reorganization of 300 blocks
  • Russian Intellectual Property Court for the first time used blockchain technology


  • General Motors (GM) is considering a blockchain technology for managing data of future unmanned vehicle fleets