Legalization of cryptocurrency in Uzbekistan

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 5th of July

Main News: 

  • Uzbek President signs decree on legalization of cryptocurrency


Business and Finance

  • Israeli startup launches Vegancoin
  • Binance Crypto Exchange has again suspended operations
  • Russian national team will receive $ 1.5 million from Waves in case of victory in the World Cup
  • Switzerland approves the launch of the Block Stocks crowdfunding platform

Law and Legislation

  • Hong Kong Continues to Take Regulatory Measures
  • UK government urged to appoint "Head on the blockchain»
  • The European Parliament argues that EU regulators should not prohibit crypto-currencies
  • The Prime Minister of Malta confirmed the adoption of bills on cryptocurrency
  • Fiscal authorities are concerned about using crypto currency in international tax crimes


  • Developer Bitcoin Core launched an alternative protocol for mining
  • NEO shifts to decentralization with a new ecosystem