EToro platform introduced cryptocurrency wallet

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 8th of November

Main news: 

  • EToro platform introduced cryptocurrency wallet

Business and Finance

  • MetaMask will add a new option to protect user data
  • Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange publishes a paper on the role of cryptocurrency assets
  • Study: Kraken is recognized as the safest exchange from the standpoint of insurance
  • SWIFT denied possible integration with Ripple
  • Bitcoin exchange Poloniex will add support for a possible fork of Bitcoin Cash
  • Bank of Israel report on the introduction of crypto-shekel in the country
  • ConsenSys will issue grants for $ 500 thousand for the implementation of infrastructure projects

Law and Legislation

  • Tether’s banking partner may be involved in money laundering in the Odebrecht scheme
  • The founder of the already inactive BitInstant exchange, Charlie Shrem, responded to the Winklwoss brothers accusations of stealing 5,000 Bitcoins
  • Binance and Bittrex join US sanctions on Iran


  • 15 banks joined DTCC blockchain testing
  • Venezuelan banks began to display the status of user accounts in El Petro