Japan's financial regulator is likely to approve a crypto ETF

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Main cryptocurrency news on the 9th of January

Main news: 

  • Japan's financial regulator is likely to approve a crypto ETF

Business and Finance

  • Ledger introduced Bluetooth wallet
  • Weiss Ratings Forecast: Bitcoin and XRP have good growth prospects in 2019
  • Litecoin and NEO to lead the growing cryptocurrency market
  • Kraken in 2018 received three times more requests from the authorities than in 2017
  • Ignis solution for network scaling Ethereum launched on a test network
  • CoinFLEX launches bitcoin futures with delivery
  • Yahoo: many crypto projects are not decentralized
  • Binance Exchange will add the possibility of trading with stablecocks against each other
  • The launch of the DX.Exchange cryptocurrency exchange on NASDAQ technology took place

 Law and Legislation

  • FSA, the main Japanese financial regulator, abandoned the idea of legitimizing bitcoin futures
  • Ethereum Classic could be attacked 51%



  • BitTorrent will pay tokens for file distribution