"I may say my life is the greatest failure" - TWOGAP CEO

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Name: Twogap

What: CryptoBonds platform

Web: Visit

When: ITO 15.09.2018 - 25.09.2018

CryptoKrunch ICO page: Visit


CryptoKrunch team was surprised at Twogap project because of its incredible ideas. As a result we decided to make an interview with Mr. Luong Hoang Anh, CEO.


- Hello! We would like to ask you several questions about your company. Please, introduce yourself and tell us a little about your project. By the way, why is your interface connected with space?

- Hello! I am Mr. Luong Hoang Anh, CEO of a very promising tech company called Twogap. Back when I had an idea about Twogap, many relevant connection images bumped into my head but none made me most satisfied. Only after watching the movie Interstellar, I was almost obsessed with the physical spacing dimensional assumptions. That’s when I knew this is it. The universe and the spacing dimension would aptly underscore the idea of Twogap. Let me put it this way, in the 5 th dimension assumption, we could see the past or the future. Twogap shares the same idea. Twogap’s vision is not about the present, but it’s the development future predicted from the history.




- What inspired you to create such an aspirational project?

- I was inspired by the two-gap model popularized by Chenery and the stock market crash of 2008. And when I came to think about the future of the dying crypto market in mid 2018, I wished to create a new crypto product (Cryptobonds) in order to improve the safety and increase the market cap (of which the crypto market is in need). I believe the future market cap would grow 100 times larger than the present’s (could reach $30,000 billion in 2030).


- What do you think about your team? What is the perfect number of members?

- I believe making a great team doesn’t depend on the quantity but the quality, the elitism, the discipline, and the working spirit towards a common goal. I don’t have a perfect number in mind. As long as the team consists of disciplined talents, we can go further regardless of either one or 100,000 members. Then it’s just the difference lies in how far we can go.




- Could you tell us about your greatest failure?

- Well, personally, I may say my life is a greatest failure. I don’t have time for friends, family. I’m kinda oblivious (:D). About the greatest failure of Twogap, we’ve just lost a very big investment agreement (valued millions of dollars) but it’s not a big deal as we still believe in our vision and Twogap’s future.


- Undoubtedly, we want you to tell us about the most successful deal of your company.

- The most successful deal of Twogap is the gathering of our wonderful member, advisors, and investors, who share the same vision with Twogap.


What is the uniqueness of Twogap?

- Twogap provides the optimal cross-exchange protocol solutions for Bond Issuers, helping them to encrypt traditional Bonds to Cryptobonds in the most efficient way. In addition, Twogap brings the opportunities for crypto customers to acquire the most powerful and largest-scaled stop-loss product-Cryptobonds.


- Name top 5 the most difficult things in implementation of your project.

1. Unclear regulatory framework on cryptocurrencies in some countries

2. More and more capital to grow in order to bring the project to life

3. Growing myself to go further with this huge project

4. Win substantial market acceptance to the extent we expect

5. How to convince and change the mindset of investors, the governmental associations that the future of Bonds is Cryptobonds, the future of the cyptocurrency market is also Cryptobonds.


Could you describe an ideal client for Twogap?

- We aim at mid-range technology-based companies (valuation from $100 million to $1 billion) who are ambitious to become world-class technology unicorns.


Please, tell us about your partnerships. Do you want to increase them? Do you have any plans?

- We are working with significant crypto exchanges and have plans to establish partnership with governmental associations, big groups and companies, and especially major traditional stock exchanges. Until now, we have already signed partnership agreements with 17companies including prominent ones such as BitForex, FUBT, Credits, Tokensuite, Coinzilla. Of course, we really want to have more than this current number.

To be honest, I don’t have a detail plan other than our win-win partnership criteria. More benefits for partners to take than to give. That’s Twogap partnership standard. Otherwise, we won’t contact and propose a partnership with them if they don’t gain benefits from us. We believe that Twogap and our partners will help each other to go further in the future.




You are going to work with governmental associations. How will it be?

- It’s important to work with governmental associations with the honesty and the compliance with the host state law. Since we started, the purpose for the birth of Twogap is to bring benefits for associations in general, and governmental ones in particular. So it would be easy and natural if we shake hands together.


Could you tell more about promoting marketing through diplomacy to underdeveloped nations?

- We focus on marketing so as to make the underdeveloped nations understand our vision and purpose.

Shaking hands with us to issue Cryptobonds will help them to drive essential capital for their nation
What stock exchanges are you planning to conquer?
- Most importantly NYSE, Nasdaq and top 60 world’s largest stock exchanges. I know it’s not easy for us to
aim at these exchanges at this point but I believe we will see it bear fruit, very soon!
What tendencies are the most significant in today's crypto market, according to you?
-The current tendency of the crypto industry comes to the cryptocurrencies which are not only ideally decentralized but also practically efficient. Low-valued tokens will be soon wiped out, worthless ICO will no longer be interested, while investors are wiser and more focus on the projects which are supposed to be able gain practical values, even have a business model, and already have real revenue.
The last year market saw repeated historical Tulip mania and most of the cryptocurrencies on the Coinmarketcap are seen new bubbles, 95% of which would be eliminated and killed. Although they would not die as quickly as dotcom bubble period, they would survive as Zombies.
Besides, this is not the time for the development of token’s infrastructure but the cryptocurrency applications. In deed, 100 years ago, many companies put great effort into building infrastructure for the electric industry but later, the biggest companies were electrical-applied ones such as General Electric founded by Thomas Edison. Couple decades ago, internet infrastructure was much invested in order for later, the most successful internet-based companies were internet-applied ones such as Google, Amazon. This would repeat in this crypto industry.
What are you fond of? Do you have a hobby?

- I am most passionate about history. I am into digging into the history of everything since it’s the root for its future prediction. The more I learn about Bond’s history, the more I believe Cryptobond is its future. I also enjoy playing games in my free time. Overgame is now my favourite.


Our blitz. 3 last questions.

  • What car do you drive?
    Well, I’m sort of stoic and you can call me a minimalist. I don’t own rich properties like a house or a car.
    From my investment experience, we just need a PC, a laptop and a mobile phone to get rich. So yes,
    that’s all physical asset I’ve got, plus some clothes [haha]. But I’m proud to say my teammates are the
    priceless asset that nobody could have.
  • When would Bitcoin hit 100k$?
    That’s never gonna happen. The era of Bitcoin is coming to a close. We even have arranged a funeral for
    Bitcoin in Twogap. Bitcoin may hover around $10k but will never reach $100k.
  • You are in front of Satoshi Nakamoto (doesn't matter if it is a man or woman or group of 
    people), what would you say?
    We would enjoy a fun afternoon talking about the economy and cryptocurrrency. I would also express
    my gratitude to the father of this new industry.