ND INVEST: vision, blockchain and special programs

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Why ND INVEST: vision, blockchain and special programs

More information available at the website.

ND INVEST is a platform for instant purchases of goods and services at discounted prices. This platform will be for urgent sales, which will allow sellers to receive money for their products very fast and buyers to enjoy the biggest discounts. When a customer decides to buy something, s/he has to sign a preliminary contract as well as pay the deposit in NDCOIN tokens. This will reserve the person’s sole right of further deal and ensure its legal compliance.

NDCOIN is an ERC20 token that was created specifically for the purpose of fast and cheap transactions that are crucial for successful retail on worldwide level. The team choose blockchain, because bank transfers are expensive and may take a long time to proceed. For those of you who still think that cryptocurrencies are helping to make money laundering and other fraudulent activities easier, so should not be used by reputable companies – The team thinks that after the scandal with Danske Bank Estonia and other banks that helped to launder 234 billion dollars’ worth of fiat, the accusation of cryptos with the current market capitalization being 212 billion dollars is unfair. Banks are supposed to prevent money laundering, but the problem is that it is hard to keep track if they are not assisting it. Various scandals show that they do.

ND INVEST trusts blockchain technology and believes in its further success. The project is currently entering Pre-Sale 2 stage of the ICO. Keep in mind that, unlike what is true for most of the ICOs, NDCOIN is a utility token, not a security. Your purchase doesn’t give you stakes in the company but allows you to use your tokens within ND INVEST system. Apart from purchasing goods on the platform, you are also able to pay for your stay in our luxurious apartment hotel in Cyprus with NDCOIN. The team is sure that anyone will find a way to make this token useful.


From the team

With ND INVEST you should not be concerned that many ICOs turn out to scam people. As stated on our website and in the whitepaper, we will build the platform and distribute the tokens regardless to the results of our ICO. Moreover, in case you are worried that NDCOIN will not be listed on decent exchanges and you won’t be able to sell your tokens, you should know that we will make sure that token is traded on exchanges, but you will always be able to exchange NDCOIN tokens directly in our company.

Finally, ND INVEST has various program and promotions that allow you to earn money. Here’s what you can do:

·      Participate in our Bounty program by translating documents, writing articles and making video reviews of our project!

·      Get 20 EUR worth of tokens from the Airdrop where you have to subscribe to our profiles and make reposts!

·      Join our Referral Leadership program and receive commissions for purchases of tokens within your personal network!

·      Buy 500+ NDC and receive free tokens every Saturday until 30th of June 2019 via our “Advantage” program!

ND INVEST wants to simplify interaction between buyers and sellers and eliminate costly intermediaries. Join us today and explore various offers and opportunities that ND INVEST can provide!