New ICO projects filter page on CryptoKrunch platform

It is already 2 months now, since we launched our new CryptoKrunch website. During this time we were working hard, collecting your feedback and further developing it.

Today we are happy to announce our first, but not last release of our updates. It is the updated ICO projects filter page on CryptoKrunch platform:

We got a lot of your feedback regarding this page and did our best, to make the Filters convinient and useful. We would say honest: the process was challenging.

What is new?
First of all, we have chosen the most important things one can be interested in when browsing to select an ICO to learn more about it or to invest.

We have short version of ICO filter which includes:
- Overal rating of the ICO project
- Hype Score
- Maturity Score
- Factor if the ICO is in Our Portfolio
- ICO status (if it is past/ongoing/future ICO)
- Bookmark

Secondly, you can also press «show more» button and more ICO metrics will be available. They are:
- Community size of the ICO project
- Hardcap
- Strength of the team
- Strength of advisors
- Participation requirements
- Industry
- Restricted area info

We have payed great attention to sorting options as well!
Just look at the top of the page to find out that you can sort projects in different way
- By newest first
- By the name
- Due to overall rating
- By start soon
- By end soon

By the way you can display ICO project as a list or tile, choose what is more comfortable for you!

The next big thing was to place all these fields in a optimal order, we have used piles of papers (we like to do it old-fashioned way)) and when we come to the consesus, the result was great! At least we think so.

We can tell that CryptoKrunch ICO filter page is extremly userfriendly and now you can use this page to filter projects according to the metrics you would like to use :) Hope, you think the same.

We aim to make your ICO browse process on our platform as comfortable and valuable as it can ever be.

Stay tuned and try the new page out!