#6 Pavel Durov


Name: Pavel Durov

Position: Founder of Vkontakte and Telegram

Twitter: https://twitter.com/durov

Persional Website/blog: https://t.me/durov

Age: 33

Citizenship: St. Kitts and Nevis





Famous for: 

Pavel Durov is the 33-year-old CEO of Telegram, the encrypted messaging app. Previously On 21 April 2014 Durov was dismissed as CEO of VK and then left Russia and stated that he had "no plans to go back"



  1. Self-described libertarian and vegetarian
  2. Plans to launch a blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network) - with 1,7 billion USD collected during first two stages of ICO.
  3. Only wears black
  4. He donated a million dollars to the Wikimedia Foundation



  • The most important thing is to be able to distinguish the most important thing from everything else.