Spatium ICO has been listed on CryptoKrunch

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Spatium ICO has been listed on CryptoKrunch


We believe Spatinum to be a high potential ICO for being next Project ToTheMoon. Spatinum has been added to CryptoKrunch Portfolio. Learn more about the ICO at!


  • “Nothing is unhackable — but the Spatium wallet is as close as it gets!” – says Dilya Zhanispayeva, Co-Founder of the Spatium project

Key idea behind Spatium is rather simple: Project proposes distributed signing of transactions – without private key stored on the user’s device.

Spatium allows a user’s wallet to be stored on a combination of several physical devices. So even if one of these devices becomes infected with virus, access to the holder's crypto assets will not be hacked since only infecting every single device used in the combination would allow a hacker to access all the sensitive data required for controlling the assets.


Besides having a valuable idea, the Project has a very balanced and strong team: expierenced businessmen, strong IT and Marketing. The review of the project is coming soon but already now we can state - Spatium is a high potential ICO and we add it to our Portfolio.