#5 Winklevoss brothers


Name: Cameron Winklevoss / Tyler Winklevoss

Position: Co-founders of Gemini

Twitter: https://twitter.com/winklevoss and https://twitter.com/tylerwinklevoss

Age: 36

Citizenship: US



Gemini exchange


Famous for: 

Controversial role in Facebook's founding story. 

Won a lawsuit against Facebook after stating that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for the social network. 

In April 2013, they bought approximately 10,000 bitcoins at $120 a coin, using $11 million out of the sixty-five million they got as Facebook settlement.



  • They maintain that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea
  • Their parents never revealed which twin was born first.
  • participated in the Olympic Games as members of the United States Olympic Team, competing in the men’s coxless pair event at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park in Beijing
  • In June 2016, Gemini became the world's first licensed ether exchange



  • Bitcoins - it's freedom. It's very American.