Crypto world is a very young and nevertheless full of data. 3 years ago, we, small team of 3 friends: consultant, banker and data scientist understood this very vivid. It was already a while since we bought our first bitcoins back in 2012 and became crypto enthusiasts. Soon after, we quitted our well-paid jobs and founded a small company, because we strongly believed in blockchain technologies.

Being mathematicians we were strongly focused on ICO ranking system from the start of our crypto journey. We knew that the right way to evaluate an ICO should be not only qualitive, but also quantitative, i.e. Data Driven. At start, we structured and weighted key metrics ourselves, created our own formula of Rating which should distinguish a Top Performer project from an average one.

In parallel, we collected Data on every and each ICO which started during the past two years. Then we did a lot of Math combined with Statistics and Programming, which is now usually called Data Science. So we came up with our Rating: both qualitive and quantitative, data driven score of the ICO future performance.

You are now at CryptoKrunch.io. It is the result, the product we have been working on. CryptoKrunch is a comprehensive crypto ecosystem: it starts with Wiki and News for the Beginners, goes on with Airdrops and Articles for the Believers and ends up with the powerful ICO Calendar and Project Rating Database for the Enthusiasts.

Our mission is to help the crypto enlightenment: to deliver most accurate and transparent coverage of cryptocurrency news&events, to navigate Enthusiasts through the ICO ocean and lighten up the blockchain technology evolution.