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  • CenturyX
    CenturyX ICO Start: 09:45

    CenturyX, also dubbed the 21st Century Exchange, seeks to successfully combine technological reliability and scalability, infrastructural comprehensiveness, transparency and highly secured trading platform for Cryptocurrency users/traders. It’s in our interest to provide credible and high-quality services for users in order to enhance their trading experience.

    Voucher Coin
    Voucher Coin ICO Start: 10:00

    VOU CRM - our team present the first cloud-based CRM system on the blockchain, integrated with the new cryptocurrency Voucher Coin (VCO).

    Vtrade ICO Start: 10:00

    Start Your Crypto Trading Today

  • Glyff
    Glyff ICO Start: 05:25

    We are building a next-generation decentralized platform that enables secure value transfers and smart contract execution, in complete confidentiality and with strong correctness guarantees. Glyff, like Ethereum, allows development of decentralized applications, but with a key difference : the ability of concealing data from the computing nodes. This enables developers to include sensitive data in their smart-contracts, directly on-chain, without compromise on security.

    MediConnect ICO Start: 06:30

    MediConnect is the only blockchain solution intended to revolutionize the use of medication in the UK. It will prevent the over-prescribing to patients of medication from multiple pharmacies, reduce addiction, provide traceability of drugs from manufacturers, wholesalers, prescribers and pharmacies all the way through to patients. This will enable the removal of false medicines and the easy recall of drugs within the Pharma system

    HyperionX ICO Start: 10:00

    Truly Open and Free Market Ecosystem

  • Trade Nexi
    Trade Nexi ICO Start: 10:50

    Trade Assets, Crypto & Ideas

    WhatsOnPic ICO Start: 14:30

    Makes a Shop from Every Single Photo