What is an ICO?
ICO stands for "initial coin offering". It is a new form of efficient and easy raising of financial resources. Any individual or a company can crowdfund any project or become an investor. Every ICO has two mandatory attributes – issuance of a fixed amount of the new cryptocurrency unit (token or coin) dedicated to the ICO and blockchain based transactions.

What is a token?
A token or a coin is a cryptocurrency unit issued during an ICO. Buying certain amount of tokens allows the investors to crowdfund the project and ICO holders to raise funds. Every ICO issues a fixed amount of tokens/coins meant to be used as a potential source of profit once it goes on exchanges and/or as the currency used inside the project (purchases, service payments, etc).

What are exchanges?
An exchange is a platform on which one cryptocurrency or token can be sold or bought for another cryptocurrency or token at current price. Some of exchanges allow buying or selling cryptocurrencies using fiat money (USD, EUR, RUB, etc).

What is a white paper?
A white paper is a summary report that provides detailed information about the project, its originality and the benefits it can give to the investors and the users of the final product, technological features, team behind the project, project's background and future plans.

What is ROI?
ROI stands for "return on investment". It is a ratio used to measure the investment profitability or compare the efficiencies of several different projects. CryptoKrunch provides an online. You can use it to calculate estimated returns on your past ICO investments (if the tokens are already trading on exchanges).