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We build video games, digital assets and tools for blockchain that empower players and developers to manifest their imagination. Our vision is to contribute to the construction of a new form of reality; this digital dimension is called The Metaverse. We are creating digital assets that evolve. As they level up, the ""skills"" of the assets have the ability to change (either programmatically or by player decision), making them more unique with each evolution. The blockchain integration in our games is easy, accessible, and almost transparent making it simple for players to get started owning their own assets and tokens. No third party wallets, no browser extensions, no exchanges. Just play the game, buy tokens with a credit card and learn how to manage your assets on chain. For developers we offer the Fuse Platform designed specifically for game development with the Ethereum blockchain. Our platform is designed to provide the video game industry the tools to make decisions about what aspects of the game should be managed on or off chain, streamlining the integration process. Our platform hosts contracts that are updatable and manageable after deployment, while still providing the security and immutability expected of this technology. Fuse will also provide access to a network of partners expanding the possibilities of what all games can build and accomplish with cross game assets

ICO Dates
01 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
ERC20, ERC721
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 8BT = 0.75
ICO price
1 8BT = 1
Tokens for sale
James Mayo
The Navigator
  • 1
    2Q 2017

    8 Circuit Studios Start.

  • 2
    3Q 2017

    Wave 1 8BT Sale.

  • 3
    1Q 2018

    Space Drop: 8BT you can acquire and earn.

  • 4
    2Q 2018

    Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain.

  • 5
    3Q 2018

    Wave 2 8BT Sale.

  • 6
    4Q 2018

    Avatar System API

  • 7
    1Q 2019

    Unity&Unreal SDK.

  • 8
    2Q 2019

    Project Genesis Alpha.