ICO Ended
586 days 19 hours ago


Today’s e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace and global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. For most commercial businesses, cryptocurrency is becoming a preferred mode of transaction highlighted by its current cap of hundreds of billions and expected to rise to trillions. According to research, most of the finance and banking industry is expected to move to the blockchain and hence adoption rate of blockchain across all industries will increase in the coming years. By Introducing the ARAW Token, the heart of the decentralised payment ecosystem powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, we are aiming to increase blockchain adoption for regular people across the world. We are the first company in the world whose mission is to combine the benefits of the E-Commerce and Payment industries; provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System on the Ethereum Blockchain powered by the ARAW token. The goal of the ARAW token is to be a part of everyone’s day-to-day online & in-store shopping without needing them to change their shopping behavior or understand the underlying complexity of the Blockchain technology.

ICO Dates
10 Sep 2018 - 15 Feb 2019
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 ARA = 0.01 USD
Soft Cap
2M $
Hard Cap
25M $
  • 1
    Q1 2016

    Araw Idea Born.

  • 2
    Q2 2016

    Prototype Araw Platform, Using Virtual Points Without Blockchain.

  • 3
    Q4 2016

    Araw UK Ltd Company Headquartered in the London, UK.

  • 4
    Q2 2017

    Araw Mobile Apps Launched in the UK Apple Store & Google Playstore.

  • 5
    Q3 2017

    Improved Digital Loyalty & Marketing Solution Released Customer Insight Dashboard.

  • 6
    Q4 2017

    Deals and OŽers Implemented Paypal & Stripe Payment Gateways Integrated in Mobile Apps.

  • 7
    Q1 2018

    Araw Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain - MVP development.

  • 8
    Q2 2018

    Araw Smart Contract & Liquidity Contract; Platform Security Audit; Whitelisting & Airdrop.

  • 9
    Q3 2018

    The ARAW Token ICO Private & Public Sale; E-commerce Marketplace; Unified Reward System; Peer-to-Peer Transfer.

  • 10
    Q4 2018

    Araw Mobile Wallet; Banking system integration; Crypto Exchanges Integration.

  • 11
    Q1 2019

    Open API Platform; Araw Pay.

  • 12
    Q2 2019

    Release Araw Platform in the UK; Araw Card Licensing Process.

  • 13
    Q3 & Q4 2019

    European Expansion; Araw Card - Touch & Pay Mobile Solution.

  • 14
    Q1 2020

    USA Expansion.

  • 15
    Q2 2020

    Asia Expansion.