Ace Casino

ICO Ended
350 days 7 hours ago


WORLDWIDE BLOCK CHAIN-BASED GAMBLING PLATFORM DEVELOPED BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS Unlike all similar projects, our project is led by a team of managers with extensive experience in the field of gambling, whose main goal is to provide a pleasant and convenient user experience where the players control the house. Ace Casino addresses the global problem of gambling fraud by giving each player an opportunity to check and verify the casino’s algorithms. The main reasons to buy CASI: - A limited number of tokens with no additional issue after Token Sale. - All payments within the platform are made with CASI only, which will foster the token's growth. - The ever-growing market of online gambling.


ICO Dates
01 Jan 2019 - 20 Jun 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap
20M $
Hard Cap
40M $
Tokens for sale

PRE-SALE Up to 30%

ICO STAGE 1 Up to 20%

ICO STAGE 2 Up to 10%

Adrian Darmanin
CEO & Founder
Anastasiya Dovhal
CMO & Co- Founder
Mikhail Novikov
COO & Co - Founder
Marina Baslina
ICO Advisor
Viacheslav Yeromenko
ICO Advisor
  • 1
    Q1 – Q2 2017

    Market research. Design and development of "Ace Casino" platform concept; forming the team.

  • 2
    Q3 – Q4 2017

    Beginning of the platform development.

  • 3
    Q1 – Q2 2018

    Preparation for the public sale and creation of CASI token via the Ethereum Network.

  • 4
    Q3 2018

    Raising the initial investment.

  • 5
    Q3-Q4 2018

    Tokens closed private and pre-sale.

  • 6
    Q1 – Q2 2019

    ICO stages.

  • 7
    Q2 – Q4 2019

    Exchange listing of tokens.

  • 8
    Q3 2019 – Q1 2020

    Obtaining all the required licenses and registrations.

  • 9
    Q1 – Q2 2020

    Release of Alfa-version of the platform and the beginning of active testing among players. Alpha version allows deposits and withdrawals only in cryptocurrencies and CASI tokens.

  • 10
    Q3 – Q4 2020

    Release of the mobile version of the platform for iOS & Android and incorporation of casual games and games of skill.

  • 11
    Q1 – Q2 2021 AND BEYOND

    Further development of the platform and increase of its market share in the gambling market.