Aeternum ICO

ICO Ended
436 days 6 hours ago


This platform will be open to anyone owning Aeternum Token not just a select group of investors and no contribution will be too small to reap the return from deep science project realisation. Invest in deep science based start-ups through a crowd funding platform accessible by a smart phone app for every ecosystem user. Investments in Aeternum Fund will be made only through the new cryptocurrency “BitLats” and companies will be able to exit by buying themselves out with BitLats. BitLats will also be used within the Aeternum Ecosystem as a means to settle payments for rent, utilities and other bills. Therefore, Aeternum Fund will create a constant supply and demand for BitLats.

ICO Dates
01 Nov 2018 - 01 May 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 ALF = 100
ICO price
1 ALF = 200
Hard Cap
3M $
Tokens for sale
  • 1
    November 2016

    Idea to create new ecosystem: Aeternum

  • 2
    December 2016

    Beginning of work: team building, market analysis and political consultations about support of project

  • 3
    January 2017

    Development of detailed plan

  • 4
    February 2017

    Core partners search, agreements preparations

  • 5
    March 2017

    Financial and functional model of the ecosystem

  • 6
    April 2017

    Decision to attract financing via ICO

  • 7
    May 2017

    Structuring ICO campaign team

  • 8
    June 2017

    Start to create Aeternum program, agreement with Commercialization reactor

  • 9
    November 2017

    Aeternum program is ready. Agreement with China IIC for cooperation

  • 10
    December 2017

    Beginning of ICO private round

  • 11
    January 2018

    Agreement with Latvian port city Ventspils special economic zone about cooperation.

  • 12
    Q1 2018

    Dev starts of Aeternum Fund platform Dev starts of Aeternum Finance app Dev starts of BitLats coin

  • 13
    Q2 2018

    Start investing in deep science startups. BitLats ready for Aeternum users only.

  • 14
    Q3 2018

    Alfa version of Aeternum Finance App ready. Start controlling Your crypto and fiat finances Globally.

  • 15
    Q4 2018

    Aeternum Finance crypto card ready. Be fully independent from the Banks.

  • 16
    Q1 2019

    Start Aeternum Smart city development

  • 17
    Q2 2019

    Basic income concept launched between Aeternum bakers

  • 18
    Q4 2019

    Aeternum bakers start using Smart city goods and services