Airsave Travel

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255 days 17 hours ago


Airsave Travel is a game-changing part of the ongoing blockchain revolution because it takes on the process of saving money for travel and converts it from a slow, laborious, isolated and individual process, into a social process that generates steady returns and is entirely transparent. Aside from being transparent, there is the feature of decentralization, which is a major highlight of the blockchain technology. Decentralization enables the AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC token), to increase in value as opposed to saving and earning in fiat. Airsave Travel’s centralized version is available on the Apple App Store since July 2017. This app is built with a back-end system designed to track and manage earned virtual-points and real-world money through the admin panel when users save money for their travels with their friends. What this means is that the system effectively tracks all users’ referrals and travel earnings, which is paid out to users at four-month intervals: in STA Travel vouchers and fiat. More information about our planned decentralised product is provided as you read along.


ICO Dates
01 Jan 2019 - 09 Feb 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 ASTC = 0.25 usd
Sarah Dales
Founder & CEO
Jerry Fuqua
Saurav Tomar
Dmitry Pshenin
  • 1
    DEC 2014

    Idea. Airsave Travel Ltd 1begins development of a social saving travel app.

  • 2
    MAR 2015

    MVP testing. The initial build of the Airsave Travel app enters an extensive beta testing period.

  • 3
    JUN 2016

    Partnership. Airsave Travel becomes an official partner of STA Travel, the adventure travel experts. Airsave Travel is now able to directly turn users’ savings into STA Travel vouchers - at no cost to the user.

  • 4
    MAY 2017

    Expertise. Airsave Travel’s team grows - with the addition of Silicon Valley investment and development experts.

  • 5
    JUL 2017

    5 Launch. The Airsave Travel app hits the Apple App Store, attracting thousands of users in a few short weeks.

  • 6
    OCT 2017

    ICO. Work begins on raising an ICO to facilitate expansion.

  • 7
    JAN 2018

    work begins on research and compiling official white paper.

  • 8
    AUG 2018

    ICO launch

  • 9
    SEP 2018

    1st transaction phase

  • 10
    OCT 2018

    ICO ends

  • 11
    OCT 2018

    ICO is listed on small/medium sized exchange

  • 12
    OCT 2018

    Build. Expand the software evelopment of Airsave Travel as a decentralised application (DApp)

  • 13
    OCT 2018

    2nd transaction phase

  • 14
    OCT 2018

    2nd transaction phase

  • 15
    NOV 2018

    Visa. The development of a dedicated Airsave Travel pre-paid card will allow ASTC token holders to spend them online and at POS terminals.

  • 16
    NOV 2018

    3rd transaction phase

  • 17
    JAN 2019

    Growth. Backed by the growing value of ASTC tokens and an expanding user base, Airsave Travel will continue to grow and develop, helping travellers save and earn for their next travel adventure - anywhere in the world.