Ammeris Platform

ICO Ended
557 days 3 hours ago


The Ammeris Blockchain Foundation (“Foundation”) has launched the Ammeris Platform (the “Platform” or the “Network”) in a bid to breakdown the walls between the world of business and blockchain. The Platform offers a 100% renewables-powered token economy on the Ammeris Blockchain (the Platform’s main database) that is complemented by a solution stack, the Ammeris Blockchain Stack (the “ABS” or the “Stack”), an enterprise-ready architecture for building, deploying and managing decentralized applications (“dApps”) through a globally-distributed network of Foundationowned and/or accredited renewables-powered data centers. The Platform is technology agnostic and addresses many of the environmental, technological, economic, and consensus issues associated with existing approaches to dApps and provides the global blockchain and enterprise community with a set of powerful tools to create sustainable, interoperable, scalable and commercially viable applications and services. The Ammeris vision is one that champions clean, immutable, and open business interaction. By launching the Ammeris Platform for dApps – one that follows the principles of the decentralized economy – the Foundation has been tasked with the mission of overseeing and building away from inefficient and environmentally detrimental systems. By offering a sustainable, interoperable, and scalable solution that balances between the traditional trade-offs of blockchain, such an endeavour will not only provide a commercially viable platform for the global community, but also enrich the lives and livelihoods of people around the world. This will allow for meaningful and sustainable information technology that seamlessly links people together with organizations, businesses, and governments. To ensure that the Platform is secure and economically viable for international organizations and businesses, it is governed by a proof-of work (“PoW”) protocol delegated by the Foundation, and supported by a mineable blockchain-native crypto asset.

ICO Dates
01 Dec 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
KYC & Whitelist
Cayman islands
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 AMRS = 2 USD
Soft Cap
2M $
Hard Cap
40M $
Tokens for sale
Private Up to 45%

Presale 1 Up to 30%

Presale 2 Up to 15%

Paul Mears
Co-Founder and Chair at Ammeris
Erik Fertsman
Co-Founder and Chief Executive
Matthew Pickup
Co-Founder and Director
Alan De Saram
Marin Zvonarevic
Kevin Sayers Ph.d.
  • 1
    2018 FEBRUARY

    Ammeris Inc. founded in Canada. Project charter launched. Ammeris development catalogue launched (Ammeris Inc.) Website ( launched.

  • 2
    2018 APRIL

    Core team established Branding material preparation launched Ammeris advisory catalogue launched (Ammeris Inc.)

  • 3
    JUNE 2018

    Ammeris group structure created (Ammeris Holdings Ltd. founded in BVI) Ammeris Blockchain Stack designed Engagement with professional service providers (legal, accounting, etc.) Agreement signed with hydro-powered data center.

  • 4
    JULY 2018

    Agreement signed with first blockchain client Whitepaper draft completed.

  • 5
    AUGUST 2018

    Agreement signed with second blockchain client Ammeris Blockchain Foundation founded Whitepaper (version 1) published Community engagement launched.

  • 6
    SEPTEMBER 2018

    “Permissioned Node” whitelist launch Yellowpaper draft to be completed Private ICO round begins.

  • 7
    OCTOBER 2018

    Ammeris Portal (beta) launch Yellowpaper (version 1) to be published Presale ICO round 1 begins. Ammeris Fund to be created.

  • 8
    NOVEMBER 2018

    Mobile wallet (beta) application launch. Presale ICO round 2 begins. Ammeris Platform launch (Ammeris Blockchain genesis).

  • 9
    DECEMBER 2018

    Public ICO round begins.