ICO Ended
344 days 19 hours ago


Building on the success of our Crypto ATMs in the UK, BCB ATM are building an ecosystem offering token holders a variety of utilities such as discounts and rewards when using our own Ascend Blockchain, BCB Wallet and exchange services via BCB Arbitrage.


ICO Dates
01 Dec 2018 - 31 Jul 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 BCB = 0.5 usd
Soft Cap
5M $
Hard Cap
30M $
Tokens for sale
Landry Ntahe
Founder & CEO
Ryan Andallo
Gabrielle Patrick
CEO of Knabu
Sanjay Mistry
Owner of Verum PR&Communication
Nicholas Khan-Roper
Chartered Wealth Manager
  • 1
    Q3 2015

    Realising the UK Bitcoin ATM margins are extremely high we aim to start a network with lower fees; BCB ATM is born, business plan drafted, and we begin to look for investors.

  • 2
    Q4 2015

    With no investment insight, we incorporate BCB ATM LTD and use personal funds to buy the first Bitcoin ATM; We set our fees to 4%, an average of 3% lower than other operators; The first BCB ATM is installed in Enfield London 18th November 2015.

  • 3
    Q4 2015

    The same Borough as the world’s first cash machine. Installed by Barclays bank in 1967 by inventor John Shepherd-Barron.

  • 4
    Q1 2016

    Using profits and personal credit cards we ordered 2 more Bitcoin ATM’s.

  • 5
    Q2 2016

    2 new Bitcoin ATMs installed in London.

  • 6
    Q2 2016

    2 new Bitcoin ATMs installed in London.

  • 7
    Q2 2016

    2 new Bitcoin ATMs installed in London.

  • 8
    Q2 2016

    Third Bitcoin ATM goes live in London.

  • 9
    Q4 2016

    We order 5 more Bitcoin ATMs as popularity grows. Transactions increase by 1778%; We begin to look for ways to reduce fees across our network.

  • 10
    Q1 2017

    We install 5 new locations; We begin to float ideas for a TGE to improve the safest of the Bitcoin economic system.

  • 11
    Q2 2017

    We install our first 2 way Bitcoin ATM and don’t look back; We add new ideas for an APP towards the TGE plan, money transfer using ‘Lightning Network’

  • 12
    Q3 2017

    We now have 16 Bitcoin ATMs and become the UK’s fastest growing Bitcoin ATM operator; BCB Ascend is added to the TGE, with treasurer

  • 13
    Q4 2017

    Bitcoin becomes the hottest topic in the media. Requests for Bitcoin ATM’s go through the roof; We now have the largest majority share of UK Bitcoin ATM market; BCB rewards for using the ATM is added to TGE with Buy back & burn projection.

  • 14
    Q1 2018

    Number of active BCB ATMs jump up by 50% across the UK.

  • 15
    Q2 2018

    Named “KING OF BITCOIN ATMS IN THE UK” by bitcoinist.com; Launch Token Generation Event to the public.

  • 16
    Q2 2019

    Install first 205 BCB ATM’s across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Begin E-Money Licence Process – Pre-application – Apply (the process to obtain

  • 17
    Q2 2019

    Authorisation with Restriction (AWR) – Mobilisation to obtain Lifting Restriction (LR) – After LR.

  • 18
    Q3 2019

    Install second batch +129 across Europe (Locations will be voted by those holding the Most BCB Tokens) from shortlist of 5 countries

  • 19
    Q3 2019

    Continue E-Money Licence Process – Submit developed regulatory business plan, along with recovery and resolution plan; – Fully developed financial resource documents (ICAAP and ILAP);

  • 20
    Q3 2019

    An outline of the proposed governance/structure/board/senior management regime, including a high-level structure with the ‘key guiding minds’ in place; senior management roles critical to mobilisation identified and ready for recruitment;

  • 21
    Q3 2019

    Develop a high-level outline of IT systems; a document outlining how the bank will fund itself including capital adequacy

  • 22
    Q4 2019

    Third batch +150 to be distributed.

  • 23
    Q1 2020

    Forth batch +259 to be distributed. Making a total of 743 BCB ATMs.

  • 24
    Q2 2020

    New BCB ATM Underway – Concept evaluation; Fifth batch +300 to be distributed. Making a total of 1,043 BCB ATMs.

  • 25
    Q3 2020

    Build and rigorous testing of New BCB ATM Prototype; Sixth batch +300 to be distributed. Making a total of 1,343 BCB ATMs.

  • 26
    Q4 2020

    Manufacturing for new BCB ATMs; Seventh batch +400 to be distributed.

  • 27
    Q1 2021

    Use unlocked team bonus to increase international staff; boosting speed of installation across Europe; Distribution of new BCB ATMs to begin; Eighths batch +400 to be distributed. Making a total of 2,143 BCB ATMs.

  • 28
    Q2 2021

    Introduce business Plan and Market Introduction Plan for new BCB ATMs; Ninth batch +400 to be distributed. Making a total of 2,543 BCB ATMs.

  • 29
    Q3 2021

    Tenth batch +400 to be distributed. Making a total of 2,943 BCB ATMs.

  • 30
    Q4 2021

    Eleventh batch +400 to be distributed.

  • 31
    Q1 2022

    Twelfth batch +400 to be distributed. Making a total of 3,343 BCB ATMs.

  • 32
    Q2 2022

    Thirteenth batch +400 to be distributed. Making a total of 3,743 BCB ATMs.

  • 33
    Q3 2022

    Fourteenth batch +400 to be distributed. Making a total of 4,143 BCB ATMs.