Binocoin platform is a unique and all-encompassing decentralized financial hub that is designed to make cryptocurrency trading as easy as eating a pie. It is a one-of-its-kind solution that aims to revolutionize crypto investment as well as bring sanity to the cryptocurrency exchange industry. We are a dedicated two-way exchange platform where crypto enthusiasts and investors can exchange their cryptocurrency to other cryptocurrencies or to fiat and grow their portfolio via reduced remittance cost compared to other exchanges. We also offer an E-trade hub where peer-to-peer trading of goods and services can be carried out. For this, we leverage on transparency, a core value of blockchain technology and the technological convenience of Ethereum smart contract to create a cryptocurrency backed ecommerce solution where goods and services can be bought so that income can be increased for sellers and buyers to enjoy very low transaction fee. At Binocoin, we understand that responsiveness and simplicity are the highest form of sophistication and we provide our platform users with just that. We are highly dedicated to your satisfaction and our goal is to provide you a seamless exchange and e-trade experience.

ICO Dates
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 Bino = 0.65 USD
Tokens for sale
26-31.03.2018 Up to 20%

02-08.04.2018 Up to 10%

09-15.04.2018 Up to 5%

30.04-06.05.18 Up to 20%

07-13.05.18 Up to 15%

14-20.05.18 Up to 10%

21-27.05.18 Up to 7%

28.05-03.06.18 Up to 5%

04-10.06.18 Up to 3%

11-17.06.18 Up to 2%

18-24.06.18 Up to 1%

Edikan Anana
Co founder
  • 1
    January - 2016

    Start of project.

  • 2
    March - 2016

    Critical research into crypto exchanges.

  • 3
    June - 2016

    Assemble expert team and series of brain storming sections.

  • 4
    February 2017

    Meeting with influential crypto expert in e-trade hub.

  • 5
    June 2017

    Algorithm writing with senior block chain developers and programmers.

  • 6
    26th March 2018

    Pre ico sale of 2000000 tokens starting @ $0.30 for 21days.

  • 7
    30th April 2018

    Main ICO sale of 40000000 tokens starting @$0.65 for 8weeks.

  • 8
    June 2018

    Development of project.

  • 9
    August 2018

    Listing of Binocoin in

  • 10
    September 2018

    Business development with partners to expand the Bino eco system.

  • 11
    October 2018

    Opening of Bino exchange.

  • 12
    November 2018

    Further development of Platform and security upgrade.

  • 13
    March 2019

    Opening of e-trade hub.