ICO Ended
710 days 21 hours ago


When it comes to online advertising, businesses are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to 'middlemen' in order to reach a captive audience for their promotions. The promotions, however, often get placed among many other ads clogging up the space on crowded banners, or simply end up in someone's spam box. Businesses also have little to no guarantee that the traffic they generate on their promotions is genuine. In fact, nearly 50% of all advertising traffic is generated by bots, essentially defeating the entire purpose of advertising.

ICO Dates
29 Nov 2017 - 31 Jul 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 CAT = 0.1 USD
Hard Cap
25M $
Tokens for sale
Alex Bessonov
Founder & CEO
George Samman
Blockchain Advisor
  • 1
    Q1 2017

    Assembling the co-founding team and developing initial idea

  • 2
    Q2 2017

    - Building development and marketing team - Creating a first draft of white paper

  • 3
    Q3 2017

    - Initial pre-sale - Internal testing of alpha version - Signing initial partners and customers - Release of smart contracts - Start of alpha and first customers - Start of crowdfunding event

  • 4
    Q4 2017

    - Completion of crowdfunding event - Token distribution - Listing on exchanges - Release of beta version of the product - Partnership with scalable blockchains

  • 5
    Q1 2018

    - Improvements of Anonymization and Ranking system in collaboration with CMU - Release of open source SDK - Building of ecosystem with development community participation

  • 6
    Q3 2018

    - Partner releases of vertical solutions - Job Search, Retail and Automotive Search, Real Estate Search - Signing partners and customers

  • 7
    Q1 2019

    - Scalability development - Integration with scalable file system -Search optimizations