ICO Ended
532 days 8 hours ago


BitWings token, a native currency of Wings Mobile ecosystem, has 100% guaranteed issuing value and is the only means to pre-order the first (40 000) ultra-secure blockchain smartphones in the world able to generate up to 2 ETH a month without any power consumption, powered with graphene battery and neural technology. Our exclusive software for X-generation devices include: • Safe Core OS™, a secure operating system based on neural technology built within commercial Android systems. Thanks to the implementation of the new MediaTek Helio P60 NeuroPilot™ CPU, Wings Mobile devices enter the neural era with the implementation of AI. • Neural Face ID™ gives the ability to recognize the difference between users and strangers, allowing access to users’ menus and applications accordingly. • Wings Guardian 2.0™ verifies and warns the user if an attempt is being made to access an application or data, blocking and removing Android permissions, even in sleep mode. • WingsPay ™ triple authentication protocol (FaceID, fingerprint, and PIN) allows secure access to an e-wallet equipped with a payment system, based on blockchain technology. It is used for transactions online and within physical stores, for recurring payment services, for peer to peer money transfers and for the purchase of applications within the Wings Playstore™

ICO Dates
15 Feb 2019 - 15 Apr 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Tokens for sale
1 Up to 50%

2 Up to 25%

3 Up to 15%

4 Up to 5%

China Office Director
Vera Zhang
Maurizio Sorini
VAS Sales Director
David Alija
Marco Realini
  • 1
    2Q 2017

    Developed the first Safe Hybrid Technology; Wings Mobile wins “ALCI AWARDS” for Technological DESIGN

  • 2
    3Q 2017

    Developed the first prototypes of W5 and W2 smartphone; Wings Mobile presents the Social Market Project; Wings Mobile launches GSM Mobile Phone Services in Spain.

  • 3
    4Q 2017

    Developed the Wings back office; Development and design of Laptop Wings Book; Launched the W2 & W5 models in the spanish market

  • 4
    1Q 2018

    Wings Energy integration development, in Wings backoffice; Laptop Wings Book commercial launch.

  • 5
    2Q 2018

    Development of new wings suite software & new wings dialer version; Development of new W2+ & W5+ technological drawings; Development new Wings Book line; Wings Energy commercial launch.

  • 6
    3Q 2018

    Prototype realization of W2 & W5 smartphones; Prototype realization of the new laptop Wings Book;

  • 7
    4Q 2018

    New smartphone W6 development; Wings PAY blockchain system development (off-line pos system); Launch of business units of: Italia, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru;

  • 8
    1Q 2019

    Development of the new integrated softwares in the X-Generation series; Development of new devices x generation (WX & Xbook); Development of the Safe Core operating system;

  • 9

    Prototype realization of the new X-Generation devices; Development Wings PAY blockchain system (on-line system); Launch of the new business units of: Austria, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, Chile, USA.

  • 10
    3Q 2019

    Stress test of X-Generation devices; World launch new X-Generation devices; World launch of Wings PAY; Launch of the new business units of: Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Bolivia, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay.

  • 11
    4Q 2019

    Development of new W3 & W4 smartphone models; Launch of the new business units of: Croatia, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Slovacchia, Sweden, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras.