Bitcademy Football

ICO Ended
253 days 8 hours ago


Bitcademy is multidimensional. We combine brick and mortar foundation and virtual world. We are football academies helping and empowering young players to achieve their dreams. We create and use new technologies, artificial intelligence and player predictions to make sure we have the best talent. Finally, we use marketplace powered by the blockchain to ensure fans participate in the game and create their future stars.

ICO Dates
01 Sep 2019 - 31 Oct 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 BTMG = 0.038 USD
ICO price
1 BTMG = 0.038 USD
Hard Cap
38M $
Tokens for sale
Pre-ICO Up to 60%

ICO 38.461.538 Up to 30%

ICO 40.000.000 Up to 25%

ICO41.666.667 Up to 20%

ICO43.478.26 Up to 15%

ICO45.454.54 Up to 10%

ICO47.619.048 Up to 5%

ICO50.000.000 Up to 0%

  • 1
    June 2018

    Whitepaper release.

  • 2
    Q4 2018

    Pre-sale ICO

  • 3
    Q1 2019

    ICO Generate player assesment algorithm Create marketplace for investment and trading Rent the football grounds Enrol first students Secure land to build football academies in 3 countries.

  • 4
    Q2 2019

    Run portal & school operations Create big data algorithms. Player monitoring & predictions Start building new academies in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe during current rental operations.

  • 5

    Networking. Players exposure.

  • 6
    Q1 2021

    School academies finished. Move from rental to new facilities Revenue stream from big data, marketplace and contracts.

  • 7
    Q3 2021

    Continous improvement of facilities & new talent aquisition.

  • 8
    Q4 2021

    Business model expansion. Start building new facilities.

  • 9

    New facilities built. Global expansion secured. Exponential profit from transfers, marketplace and big data.