ICO Ended
330 days 16 hours ago


Bitcoin Corner is a company that will fulfill the requirements of a BaFin-certified bank focusing on crypto by means of the ICO in the future. The focus lies on becoming the first holistic service provider and knowledge broker in the crypto segment. In this capacity, Bitcoin Corner facilitates investors’ entry and handling of cryptocurrencies – worldwide and to an unprecedented extent. In addition, local corner stores serve not only as a point of contact for interested parties and sales and training, but also to promote the acceptance of coins at surrounding offline retailers and shopkeepers.


ICO Dates
15 Aug 2018 - 14 Aug 2019
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 COCO = 0.1 eur
Hard Cap
30M $
Tokens for sale
Raymund Scheffler
Financial Advisor
Harald Plewka
Legal Advisor
  • 1
    August 2018

    Creation of the Corner Coins. Foundation of BTC Corner Limited.. Beginning of the ICO (August 15, 2018).

  • 2
    September/October 2018

    Search for suitable environments for the opening of the first BitcoinCorner store in Frankfurt am Main and Regensburg. Start of recruitment.

  • 3
    November 2018

    Development of Crypto-Education-Programs. Completion of the implementation concept of the crypto workshops.

  • 4
    February 2019

    Beginning of systematic targeting of distributors as future acceptance points. Completion of the Easy-Crypto-Concept.

  • 5
    March 2019

    Opening of the first BitcoinCorner store in Frankfurt or Regensburg.

  • 6
    May 2019

    Preparation of the required documents for the application of the banking license. Opening of the next BitcoinCorner store in Minsk.

  • 7
    May 2019

    Opening of the fourth BitcoinCorner store in Hamburg, Germany.

  • 8
    August 2019

    End of the ICO (14th of August).

  • 9
    September 2019

    Application for the banking license and liability umbrella. Listing of the Corner Coins on the leading Exchanges. Introduction of the Corner Coin App.

  • 10
    March 2020

    Searching for more suitable environments for opening the BitcoinCorner store in Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and South Africa.

  • 11
    November 2020

    Issuance of the banking license expected by the competent authorities. Opening of further BitcoinCorner stores in London, Moscow and Shanghai.

  • 12
    December 2020

    Beginning with the sale of cryptocurrencies and trading activities. Opening of stores in other countries. Installing the ATM’s.