ICO Ended
566 days 21 hours ago


BlockAIp will be a decentralized social networking and media platform powered by blockchain and backed by cryptocurrencies. First of all it is a social networking website with an encrypted messenger which will function in co-operation with an Artificial Intelligence (Felix). Secondly, the BlockAIp platform will be a true democratic media hub. There will not be an editor, the decision what’s fit to print is made solely by the community. Moreover all high-quality contents published by users will be paid by BlockAIp. Thirdly, the platform will work as a payment gateway with options to store and exchange cryptocurrencies, so that users will be able to pay for various goods and services, exchange money (crypto-fiat and vice versa) and withdraw it to bank accounts or payment cards around the world without limitation. And the last one, the BlockAIp platform will run a fully automatic personal loan service where users can borrow money (fiat) collateralized with several cryptocurrency assets.

ICO Dates
21 Nov 2018 - 25 Dec 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
ICO price
1 BAIP = 0.06 usd
Soft Cap
4M $
Hard Cap
38M $
Tokens for sale
Ben Scott
CEO & Co-Founder
Alexander Lewis
Co-founder & CFO
  • 1
    November 2016

    The Birth of the BlockAIp Idea.

  • 2
    December 2016

    Assembling the Team and Developing Initial Idea.

  • 3
    January 2017

    Market Research. Started researching blockchain technology.

  • 4
    February 2017

    Team Expansion and Detailed Concept Creation. Preparation for Platform Development.

  • 5
    May 2017

    Platform Development.

  • 6
    June 2018

    Created the First Draft of Whitepaper. Final Preparations of the Token sale.

  • 7
    September 2018

    Whitepaper Public Release. Private Sale

  • 8
    October 2018

    Start Token Pre-Sale.

  • 9
    December 2018

    Ending ICO.

  • 10
    January 2019

    Starting of Blockchain Testnet and Optimizations.

  • 11
    February 2019

    Starting of Blockchain Mainnet Presentation of MVP.

  • 12
    May 2019

    Platform Release. Full-Functionalaty Operating Platform in cooperation with AI. Building of Custodial and Other Banking Relationships with Financial Services and Institutions.

  • 13
    September 2019

    Release of BlockAIp Mobile Application for IOS and Android. Marketing of the Platform and Customer Attraction.

  • 14
    November 2019

    Starting BlockAIp Personal Loan Service.