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615 days 2 hours ago


The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts. Eliminating geographical restrictions. Bringing transaction speed and mining tools to earn and support fundraising goals.

ICO Dates
06 Aug 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
Whitelist / KYC
Token Type
Available for Sale
Pre sale Price
1 BC = 0.6 USD
ICO price
1 BC = 0.8 USD
Soft Cap
3M $
Hard Cap
20M $
Tokens for sale
  • 1

    Boomstarter technological crowdfunding platform launch in Russia

  • 2

    Market and solutions research for smart crowdfunding

  • 3
    January 2018

    Definition of the concept and technology of smart crowdfunding and the start of product development

  • 4
    February 2018

    Start of WhitePaper creation

  • 5
    April 2018

    - Publication of WhitePaper - Community formation around the project - Attraction of the first investments through private token sale

  • 6
    May 2018

    Start of smart crowdfunding system development

  • 7
    June 2018

    Launch of token Pre-Sale

  • 8
    July 2018

    Launch of main token Crowdsale

  • 9
    September 2018

    Completion of the main token Crowdsale

  • 10
    November 2018

    Token listing on the exchanges Completion of browser mining module Completion of desktop mining module

  • 11
    December 2018

    Web-platform and tools for projects placement and design Multicurrency wallet and payment module Multilanguage support module User profile module

  • 12
    January 2019

    Miners cryptocurrency converting module Backers cryptocurrency converting module

  • 13
    February 2019

    Product MVP. Attraction of users and full testing of the product

  • 14
    March 2019

    Solution of legal issues for entering international markets Localization EN/RU Working version of the smart crowdfunding platform launch and tests in collaboration with users from Russia and the CIS

  • 15
    April 2019

    Mobile application launch Marketing campaign to attract users from European countries launch Localization of ESP/GER/FRA/ITA

  • 16
    May 2019

    Marketing campaign to attract users from Asian countries launch Localization of JP/CH

  • 17
    June 2019

    Мarketing campaign to attract users from South American countries launch AI: automated moderation of projects

  • 18
    July 2019

    Full-functionality product. Implementation of AI in the processes of moderation and ranking of projects. Marketing campaign to attract users from North America launch AI: automated ranking of projects